Limited Time Promotion from New Horizon


Year-End Promotion for Technical Classes 
Signed by December 30, 2019

Stretch your training budget with this great offer.  Reserve three seats for $6700 in any qualifying technical class by December 30, 2019 and save up to $3800!  There are thousands of courses to choose from, one year to use and courses are guaranteed to run. What could be smarter?  

Covered course areas include:

To take advantage of the limited time special offer, please contact us

 Terms and Conditions:

  • Order must be signed by December 30, 2019.
  • Eligible for any New Horizons class with a list price of $3,500.00 and below. (Exceptions may apply.)
  • Red Hat, Citrix, VMware and IAPP courses are eligible but with different pricing. Please contact your account executive for additional information. 
  • Valid for 1, 2 or 3 attendees in any combination in a single course or multiple courses.
  • Signed New Horizon quote required to reserve seats in future dates. Credit card, check or PO are accepted forms of payment.
  • SATV’s, CLC’s and Citrix Training Passes are not eligible forms of payment.

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