Instructor-Led Training

The Classroom Experience

The instructor-led training from New Horizons Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany provides you with an interactive and engaging classroom experience blending:

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Hands-on practice
  • Valuable student and peer interaction
  • Online resources to use during and after class

New Horizons Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany Instructor-Led Training Benefits You

As a classroom student, New Horizons Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany gives you access to your own networked environment, giving you professional, hands-on experience.

The technology industry’s most experienced and qualified instructors will provide you with the highest-quality training, ensuring you can immediately apply the course’s processes, concepts, and methodologies to your job.

When the subject is new to you or particularly complex, instructor-led training is particularly beneficial. The instructors at Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany are ready to:

  • Answer questions
  • Clarify misconceptions as they happen
  • Give guidance
  • Demonstrate concepts

Instructor-led training allows you to focus and learn the material, without the distractions that may arise during e-learning courses.

In particular, teams typically learn more efficiently with instructor-led training. This is because the shared environment allows collaboration and peer support. This team building can provide you and your company with benefits beyond the actual class.

New Horizons Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany’s Account Executives are ready to help you find an instructor-led opportunity, or answer any questions you may have.

Value of Training:

  • Maximize IT investments through increased employee productivity
  • Gain skills faster by seeing how a task is done
  • Reduces anxiety and frustration of using a new application
  • Minimizes look up time for how to do a task in an application
  • Minimizes interruptions of others asking for help
  • Enables greater data accuracy 
  • Increases clarity of team communications 
  • Increases employee morale and value
  • Reduces attrition rates
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