Tom Allen, Senior Applications Instructor. Tom is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with almost two decades of experience in the technology training industry. He has taught and consulted for a wide range of organizations throughout the eastern US, and has experience in traditional classroom training, virtual classroom training, and content development. Tom holds certifications covering a broad range of Microsoft desktop applications, and has vast experience teaching anything from Microsoft Office 365 collaboration technologies, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Project, and Visio (among other Microsoft technologies), all the way through to Crystal Reports and Adobe applications. He specializes in creating an inviting environment that allows adult learners to bring real world examples into the conversation. Tom’s style is encouraging, positive, and makes difficult concepts easy to understand. 



Al Wills, Senior Technical Instructor. Al has 20 years of experience in network administration, IT consulting, and adult education.  He holds a number of technology and instructor certifications from multiple vendors, including Microsoft, CompTIA, NCTA, and Logical Operations. His certifications include Master Certified Novell Engineer (MCNE), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) from Microsoft, which covers various technologies including Office 365, SCCM, Hyper-V, current server and client offerings, and many more. His additional certifications include Logical Operations CyberSec First Responder and NCTA CloudMASTER®, as well as his lifelong holding of various CompTIA technologies including A+, Net+, Security+, CTT+, i-Net+ and Project+.

Al’s decades of teaching experience allows him to easily adapt to various levels of student knowledge, ranging from professionals just entering IT to those who are well-versed in their technologies and are looking to fill particular skill gaps.  He brings his own experience and incorporates students’ existing knowledge and experiences to the classroom to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.  



Stacey Castelletti, Applications & Business Skills Trainer. Stacey is a Microsoft Certified Office Specialist and Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer. Stacey is an experienced instructor in Microsoft Office application and in business skills classes, including Effective Presentations, Customer Service, and Diversity. Stacey has a comprehensive understanding of the classes she teaches that she delivers to beginners as well as advanced learners in a style that is upbeat and refreshing. Stacey's energetic, bubbly, and enthusiastic delivery engages students to participate. Students are able to retain the many skills learned in her classes that they can practice in classroom and work settings.


Jeanie Sanders, Credentialed Trainer. Jeanie is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, CompTIA Technical Trainer, and an Epic Credentialed Trainer with over 20 years of experience. Her passion for understanding how people learn fuels her desire to be in the classroom. Jeanie’s comprehensive approach to teaching incorporates both digital and traditional learning tools. This style of teaching ensures her students are able to retain and apply their newly found skills both inside and outside of the classroom. Jeanie teaches classes on a wide variety of topics ranging from office productivity training to network operating system administration. Jeanie is always looking to expand her repertoire, and with experience in various sales implementation efforts, she is now responsible for training clients on various CRM products. Jeanie is responsible for delivering the Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer exam preparation courses for Logical Operations and their partners worldwide (which includes training our very own New Horizons at Logical Operations trainers on MCCT standards). 


Marianna Zimmer, Manager of Student Services. Marianna has over five years of experience in the Operations department with New Horizons, and has been with the business since it opened. Marianna’s chief responsibilities include managing all the logistics surrounding New Horizons at Logical Operations’ dedicated classroom training events, including class roster management, pre-class confirmations, courseware, completion certificates, and additional items included as part of course delivery.