Are You Properly Trained to Assess the Impact of Hacking Attacks?

Welcome to a closer look at CyberSec First Responder™ Lesson 4: Analyzing Attacks on Computing and Network Environments. This lesson takes about 5 hours, but we’ll give you a brief overview to whet your appetite. Each topic below has an activity associated with it for hands-on learning.

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Introduction: You've analyzed the general risks and threats to your systems, and you've identified how attackers can gather intelligence on these systems. Now you can begin to analyze the major attacks themselves. There's a wide variety of ways malicious users can compromise your operations, and it's vital that you understand the potential effects of each one on the organization.

Reminder, in this lesson of our CFR course, you will:

  • Assess the impact of system hacking attacks.
  • Assess the impact of threats to web apps and services.
  • Assess the impact of malware.
  • Assess the impact of hijacking and impersonation attacks.
  • Assess the impact of denial of service incidents.
  • Assess the impact of threats to mobile infrastructures.
  • Assess the impact of threats to cloud infrastructures.

Here’s a glimpse of the hands-on activities you will go through in the lesson:

CFR Activity 4-1

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