Human error is the root cause of 95% of data breaches (IBM). This means that the majority of individuals are not competent in the area of safe computing practices. The average cost of each individual stolen business record is $201, with the average number of stolen records being 29,087. These figures result in an average cost of a cybersecurity breach being somewhere north of $5.8 million (Ponemon). Take a look at your data or customer records and evaluate your potential risk. That’s a lot to lose.
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About the Instructor: Steve Short, Senior Technical Instructor. Steve is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with 16 years of experience in adult education, IT Administration, and Consulting. He has extensive knowledge and experience with all versions of Microsoft client and server operating systems, Active Directory, Group Policy, and a wide array of Microsoft Server products. Recently. Steve has been recognized as a “New Horizons Top 25 Technical Instructor”. His enthusiasm for technology and “down to earth” approach to delivering training allows him to break down even the most complex concepts into bite size chunks for his students which makes the classroom experience fun.