At New Horizons at Logical Operations, we provide professionals all across the Greater Rochester, New York area with expert facilitated training delivered by our highly certified instructors.

Why Invest in Training?
Every year, companies spend millions of dollars upgrading their business systems in an attempt to increase the efficiency in which they operate. What is often overlooked is the organization’s greatest asset, the employees that make these companies run.
When employees are armed with the proper skill-set and knowledge-base to successfully do their jobs, they perform with a higher level of confidence and efficiency. 68% of New Horizon’s student’s state they are more productive in their position as a result of their training experience.
Train employees with learning that is engaging and unique to them. 
We offer a variety of different learning methods because we understand that no two people learn the same way. In the majority of our classes, we have incorporated a digital learning tool that is designed to enrich the student’s experience during class as well as beyond the classroom. Our modern, tile-based learning platform, called CHOICE is designed to enrich our students’ classroom experience.
How do students benefit from CHOICE?
With CHOICE, the learning doesn’t stop once our students step outside of the classroom. This powerful learning tool is designed to make our content and learning solutions available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. CHOICE pulls the key points from class and reinforces those points to help with on the job support. The CHOICE solution offers lifetime access to content anytime and anywhere.

The CHOICE experience:

  • eBook: A digital copy of the textbook which is updated for life.
  • Collaborate: A functionality that encourages and enables students to interact outside of the classroom through a LinkedIn group.
  • LearnTO: Short 3-5 minute video tutorials reinforcing and expanding on key concepts within the course.  These are provided to be both a pre and post-class reference material.
  • Checklist: Quick reference material and procedure references in an easy-to-find format.
  • CHOICE Mobile Apps: At New Horizons we embrace BYOD. Our mobile app is available on iPad and iPhone (exclusively for iOS6 and iOS7), and Android phones.