Digital Marketing Institute:

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard for digital marketing, certifying digital professionals in over 60 countries and 5 continents across the globe. New Horizons at Logical Operations has partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute so that our students can learn from world-class digital marketing lectures and study up-to-date course content created by working industry experts.

Each course syllabus is validated by the Digital Marketing Institute’s esteemed Syllabus Advisory Council made up of representatives from leading digital giants, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft and eBay.



Google AdWords and Analytics certifications are globally recognized programs that allow marketing professionals to showcase their skills and expertise. Our curriculum for our AdWords and Analytics courses map directly to Google's sought-after certification programs.

There are 3 MILLION businesses in the US alone using Google AdWords and Google Analytics today. Google’s tools are simple to start using, but are extremely challenging to effectively and efficiently manage an advertising campaign without the right training. Managing an AdWords campaign involves constant monitoring, analysis, and refinement to improve campaign performance and get the most ROI. Yet, the vast majority of these users have not received any formalized training to . As a business owner or a general user of Google's technologies, how can you be sure that your money, or your clients money is being spent as efficiently as possible? New Horizons Rochester has several formalized Google training courses to get you going on the right track. 

GOOGLE ADWORDS: PARTS 1-3 Call for Dates and Pricing

About: In these courses, you will create a Google AdWords account, create an AdWords campaign, create text ads, research and optimize keywords, refine text ad copy, manage your AdWords campaign through analysis, analyze and optimize bidding and budget, and generate both performance and financial reports, and much more. 

Target Student: Students taking this course are Google AdWords users who have basic end-user computing skills who will create and manage ads and campaigns with Google AdWords.  

GOOGLE ANALYTICS Call for Dates and Pricing

About: This course is designed to help Google Analytics users perform baseline analysis of website traffic or online advertising campaigns for a variety of reasons including increasing customer reach and increasing conversions. 

Target Student: This course is designed for Web administrators, marketing professionals, sales professionals, and executives with basic computer and Internet skills.


Social media marketing is no longer a “should have” but rather a must have for organizations everywhere. It’s a vital tool for businesses to promote and grow their brands by engaging directly with their customers. It takes more than just signing up for a LinkedIn or Twitter account to make the most of all that social media has to offer—time and skill are required to successfully develop and execute a social media strategy that increases brand awareness and customer engagement.

The National Institute for Social Media (NISM), the first and only organization to offer industry educational standards for the social media field, is an expert-facilitated training program that fills the need for a comprehensive social media educational program. NISM’s mission is to provide premier, vendor-neutral public education and resources related to social media.

NISM has worked with a volunteer committee of subject matter experts to create the industry’s first standardized exam using the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The NISM Social Media Strategist certification exam allows employers to identify qualified employees to lead your organization in social media through the implementation and maintenance of a social media strategy.

About the Social Media Strategist (SMS) Certification Course > >

About: This 7-day course (delivery is flexible based on your needs) will give social media practitioners the knowledge and skills that they need to develop and execute a social media strategy that will positively impact their business and prepare them for the NISM SMS certification exam.

Target Student: Marketing professionals; individuals completing academic work in marketing or a related area; general marketing practitioners new to social media marketing who are seeking to add a professional certification in the area of social media marketing; and other professionals who use social media for business purposes, such as those in Human Resources, Public Relations, Communications, or Sales.